Last day in my twenties

Today is the last day in my twenties. Tomorrow I will be 30, and on the whole I’ve been ok with that, aside from a brief shock on Friday when I opened a card to face the number in big glittery writing.

Anyway, today was the day of my celebrations, and I managed to take no photographs! – I am in one, but so are other people and I’m not posting it here.

We spent the afternoon at Avondale House, for a walk through the woods and alongside the river followed by a lovely picnic with great friends.

There was much cake! Lemon drizzle cake, vegan chocolate cupcakes, home-made oreos, chocolate brownies, and chocolate indulgence cake. Mmmmmm… cake.

Unfortunately the downside of living in the lovely green country that is Ireland is that it rains. Often. And we were rained out. We had a lovely day before that though – heaps of fun, and I got to meet the adorable Rohan, who is very, very cute indeed.

(There were also presents – thanks a million guys!)

All in all, a lovely way to round off my twenties. Right then thirties, I’m ready for you!

9 thoughts on “Last day in my twenties

  1. Happy birthday!

    Your 30s are the new 20s apparently.. Plus, all the great people are turning 30 this year (but get back to me when I stare it in the face in August).

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