Mmmmm… calorific

Which? magazine just published the findings from a survey of coffee shops around the UK, and their findings have been jumped on by the media as shocking.

Did you know that half a litre of white chocolate mocha with full fat milk and a heap of whipped cream and chocolate shavings has lots of calories?

You mean cream and sugar is fattening??

Who’d have thought?

People are stupid.

5 thoughts on “Mmmmm… calorific

  1. It *had been* a life-long quest of mine to learn how to make THE best bread. And. I succeeded. THEN, I found out all about how bread was so negatively impacting our health, and now we never eat it anymore! Sigh. Life can be so sad sometimes. Just when you think you’ve gotten what you really want, you find out that’s not what you really wanted. But. I will give you my best “secret” of all the secrets I did learn for good bread baking: get a wheat mill and fresh-grind your own wheat! Some mills are very loud, so ask around. Some don’t hold up as well. They don’t cost *that* much. Especially when you think a really great loaf you buy will cost $6 to $9 (? what’s that in other currencies?) per loaf, and when you make them at home, grinding your own wheat, it can be BETTER and only .25cents per loaf! The mill PAYS for itself. Makes GREAT muffins, pizza dough, etc. too. Just ’cause we don’t eat it, I still think if someone wants to eat it, it should TASTE the best and be the most “healthy” kind possible. You won’t believe the difference! It’s like tasting great bread for the first time ever when you try it freshly milled. Ground flour loses 90% of it’s value (and all of it’s taste, IMHO) after 24 hours! So. Grind only what you need, and right before using. It is SO worth it. (Are you drooling yet?)

  2. Who’s only having half a litre? And what about the muffin the size of a small child’s head?

    Nonfat actually froths better anyway – the fat prevents the formation of foam, so you end up with more milk overall when you have whole milk.

  3. All the Starbucks-es here in Ottawa have started advertising their ‘new’ Skinny Lattes – apparently non-fat milk makes them less fattening! who knew?!

    I agree. people are very stupid. :)

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