My Day

Today, I’ve been sick. I’ve been hit by the flu, and feel awful. It’s been a day of lemsip (hot lemon drink with paracetamol), knitting, and watching firefly.
I’m not good at being sick. I’d much rather be working.

Also, the trouble with knitting when sick is the following:

Spot the difference?

Yes, one is a pattern repeat longer than the other. It’s been ripped back now. Grrrr.

Update: Ripped back top of glove. Re-knit it. Forgot to decrease at the beginning of the ribbing. Need to rip back again. Putting the knitting away now.

11 thoughts on “My Day

  1. Well Ive done the knitting when tired and drunk, and I know it doesn’t bode well for the next mornings viewing. At least you have a very vlid excuse! And they look great despite that extra repeat!!Get better soon….remem hot milk, dash a’whiskey and spoonful of sugar makes the knitting errors go down better….and may resume you to normal knitting sooner than expected

  2. Sage advice of Mary O’s from the Santry knitting group, ‘Never knit when you’re tired or drunk.’ Guess we can add ‘or sick’ to that, eh? Hope you feel better really soon…

  3. Woe!

    Have you thought of maybe doing gloves in the same manner as doing the two-socks-on-one-needle thing? It’d save against this happening, perhaps.

    I don’t think that we have Firefly on this side of the pond. We’ve an unfortunate volume of Dr. Who, though. ;)

    Feel better.

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