Yesterday I realised I’d failed

Last night Donal brought home a chocolate soya milk drink.

Which triggered a memory.

About 10 days ago, totally without registering it as something I shouldn’t have done, I bought and drank some chocolate soya milk. It was yummy. I only realised last night that I’d done it.

I’m so disappointed with myself. I don’t think it affects the migraine trigger testing, but I was hoping to have achieved a month off chocolate, and I didn’t. I don’t plan on trying again either.

In other migraine news, the drug the doctor prescribed to take when I get one seems to have worked. This is great, although expensive news. €10 per dose, 2 of which may be needed. One has set me right so far, but it may come back and I’ll need to take a second.

I don’t want to talk about the final assignment. It will all be ok in a day or so, but it’s not right now.

4 thoughts on “Yesterday I realised I’d failed

  1. Migraines are real S***. I am currently coming off all my migraine meds because of fertility treatment. Fortunately, between treatements I can take Zoming, a tryptan which works really well for me. Do you know about some thinking relating to so-called triggers? Some folk believe that a blood sugar drop causes migraine. When you experience the drop, you automatically reach for something sweet, like chocolate. The migraine is already on the way, nothing to do with the chocolate eating. When the migraine finanally hits, what is remembered is the fact that chocolate was eaten, not the blood sugar drop. Just a thought to consider.

  2. OK, maybe this means nothing, but if you were unaware of taking in chocolate via soy milk and it didn’t seem to trigger a migraine response…no need for guilt. Taking chocolate unaware, as opposed to the ‘I have to have chocolate and I have to have it NOW’ seems to indicate that it wasn’t an overwhelming controlling need….therefore you didn’t fail. Won’t mention the assignment, but you’ll do fine and it’ll all be over soon. And in the scope of eternity, the guilt, the chocolate and the assignment will all find its proper place.

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