Very Important Cultural Study

Right then. My secret pal sent me a KitKat from America. Naturally this called for a direct competition. I bought a local KitKat this afternoon for the taste test.

First I needed to get the condition right. With a book would have been ideal, but might have distracted me a little from the task in hand. On the sofa in front of mindless afternoon telly (The Life Laundry) it was. The next essential ingredient was tea to cleanse the palate between tastes. I settled on pure Assam, served with soya milk, as it has a good robust flavour that compliments the chocolate perfectly.

So, on to the competition:

I’m still not particularly happy about KitKat wrapping changing from the silver foil, so both lose points for not having that. I know this might be unreasonable, but this is the only place I can vent about that one. I was able to open the Irish KitKat wihtout tearing the wrapping, but this didn’t work well for the American KitKat.
Design wise I like the simplicity of the Irish KitKat, but there’s very little in it.
America: 2/5
Ireland: 3/5

Now then, off with the wrappers:

Here’s where we come across the first major difference. The American KitKat is significantly smaller. -2 to America

US: This broke very well. Smooth and clean, each piece divided up perfectly. 5/5
IRE: Poor, very poor. One finger had lots of chocolate, one virtually none. 2/5

US: Too sweet. A glance at the ingredients lists shows why: The first listed is sugar, compared to chocolate in Ireland. 2/5
IRE: Mmmmmmmm. It’s nestle chocolate, not cadburys, but still. Mmmmmmmm. 4/5

US: Really good. Not overly crispy, but still with some bite. 4/5
IRE: Very crispy. Perhaps a little too crispy. 3/5

And the winner is…
It was a close run competition, but Ireland just pipped America to the post, scoring 12 to America’s 11. America lead on breakability and crispyness, but the chocolate is so, so important in a KitKat, and Ireland just won out on that one.
Final Scores
US: 11
IRE: 12

Update: I forgot to comment on the writing on the fingers. However, both would score equally. I like the simplicity of the American one, but the Irish one is creative and descriptive.

5 thoughts on “Very Important Cultural Study

  1. From what I read on the net, this is due to the KitKat in the US being made by HERSHEYS and elsewhere in the world, it is made by NESTLE! I moved to Germany in December and couldn’t stop eating the KitKats here. In the US, it was just ok…

  2. Very good testing strategies employed.
    Did you think about including the melt test? As in when you hold it too long while nibbling on it….

  3. Nice study! I’m not even disappointed that the American Kit Kat lost. My children accompanied me to Europe recently and noticed the same thing (sugar content) about European chocolate vs. American chocolate. They were especially fond of KinderEgg with it’s surprise inside.

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